The following videos describe how factoring transactions work and will help you understand them. Note that the videos only cover the most common types of transactions. You can find the videos in the Commercial Capital LLC youtube channel.

Invoice factoring transaction

This video describes a conventional invoice factoring transaction between a business and a commercial customer.

Transportation factoring – Carriers

This video describes a conventional freight bill factoring transaction as used by a trucker / freight carrier with a shipper (or freight broker).

Transportation Factoring – Brokers

This video is similar to the one above but shows a freight broker factoring transaction where a broker (instead of a carrier) is factoring the freight bills.

Medical Factoring

This article shows a medical factoring as it would be used by a small or medium sized healthcare provider.

Purchase order financing

This video shows a purchase order financing transaction as it would be used by a reseller or wholesaler to finance a large purchase order.